Sew-In Pac

The WMB Sew-In Pac is designed to be used in performance situations without the allowance for an elastic belt.  The Sew-In Pac has 1.5” of strong, lightweight athletic knit material on all sides of the wireless unit and comes ready to be machine or hand sewn into any garment.

Made with fabric covered Dri-Prene, a high-performance TPE foam, the Sew-In Pac is durable, moisture-resistant, latex-free, machine washable, and quick drying.  Hook & loop closures secure the antenna and mic connectors in place while protecting wireless equipment from moisture.

The Sew-In Pac can be sewn securely into any garment, washed in place, and removed for reuse.  The white Sew-In Pac can be dyed to match many custom garment colors