Care & Use

Suggested use of Pacs and Belts:
WMB Belt Pacs best support the antenna and mic cable when pointed towards the ground.
Fasten velcro so all exterior sides meet evenly to prevent velcro from catching on clothing.
Suggested use: Place pac on outside of belt, with the belt is against the performer, not putting pressure on the transmitter.

Care Instructions for Pacs & Belts:
Fasten all velcro during wash and storage.
Machine wash on gentle cycle
in cold water with mild detergent.
Do not bleach.
Washing in lingerie bag recommended.
Belts and Shoulder Harnesses can be machine dried on low heat

Belt Pacs/Sew-In Pacs should air dry only! After only 6-8 runs in a dryer, Belt Pacs may shrink enough to affect the transmitter fit.
When hung out to dry after washing, most pacs will be ready to use within 2 hours.  Belt Pac velcro can be closed around a coat hanger for an easy drying solution.