RF Rac

The RF Rac is a modular storage rack for organizing wireless equipment and accessories.  Built to satisfy the need for reliable, on-site wireless accessibility, the RF Rac is designed for versatile use in any event or performance space. 

The RF Rac can be installed in a dressing room, backstage area, or directly into a wireless road case or lid using the secure grommets at the top and bottom of the unit. The RF Rac is also designed to be quickly deployed on a microphone stand boom arm or standard clothes hanger with no extra hardware required.

The RF Rac has Standard and Touring models available.  All RF Racs have sturdy pockets made from durable, see-through netting.  The Standard model has  top and bottom Velcro label surfaces.  The Touring model has additional pocket closures that keep equipment stored inside for travel.  Multiple RF Racs can be connected together using the built in Velcro pieces and the three included plastic S-Biners, dual carabiners, by Nite Ize. 

The RF Rac includes four WMB labels pieces that are writable with permanent marker and can be placed on the top or bottom Velcro surface for clear pocket labeling.  The RF Rac pockets and knit loop Velcro surfaces are usable for storage and drying of WMB Belts and Belt Pacs.