Sew-In Pac for Sennheiser 5212 Transmitter

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The WMB Sew-In Pac for the Sennheiser 5212 Transmitter is custom fit for the SK 5212 and SK 5212 II models.

The WMB Sew-In Pac is designed to be used in performance situations without the allowance for an elastic belt.  The Sew-In Pac has strong, lightweight, athletic knit fabric panels that can be sewn securely into any garment, washed in place, and removed for reuse.

Made with fabric covered Dri-Prene, a high-performance TPE foam, the Sew-In Pac is durable, moisture-resistant, latex-free, machine washable, and quick drying.  Hook & loop closures secure the antenna and mic connectors in place while protecting wireless equipment from moisture.

Exterior Dim: 4.25”H x 3”W x 1"D

Interior Dim: 2.25”H x 2.4”W x 0.85”D

Wireless Manufacturer:
Designed to Fit:
Senn SK 5212
Pocket Height:
2.25" (H)
Pocket Width:
2.40" (W)