WMB Belt - Accessory Strap

WMB Belt - Accessory Strap
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The WMB Belt-Accessory Strap provides a professional solution for securely placing wireless transmitters or receivers for a performance in a way that is safe, comfortable, and discreet. 

The WMB Belt-Accessory Strap is designed for use in situations when a wireless unit needs to be secured to a 2"-3" diameter object, structure, or material.  Tested examples of successful use include most guitar straps, leather/fabric belts, and microphone or music stand bases.


WMB Belts are made with a plush woven 2" elastic, which is durable and machine washable.  The belts have a hook and loop closure on the end and allow a wireless unit or WMB Belt Pac to be positioned in any location along the length of the belt. 


WMB Belt Pacs shown in photos are not included with the purchase of this item.

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